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Breast Tumours

Breast Tumours

Most Breast tumours prove to be benign, innocent, but you cannot prove this without consulting a specialist and having it investigated.

Malignant Breast Tumours or Cancer, is not one disease but a wide spectrum and presents as different grades, degrees and stages of growth.
Cancer cell is a cell that grows abnormally, consumes so much energy and performs no function.
Every woman could get cancer.
If a woman lives till she is 80, her chance of getting breast cancer is 1/7
But this mean 6/7 chance of NOT getting it.
The chance of getting cancer increases as you get older.
Less than 5% of patients are under the age of 30.
Less than 10% of sufferers have family history.
80% of patients are over 50 years old.
In Arab countries, patients present at a more advanced stage than in Western countries, larger sizes (shyness, delaying doctors visits).
The more advanced stage in Arab Women is due to women seeking advice later and some Doctors negligence or ignorance.
Let us not forget that Men are also affected by Breast Cancer but 1:100 compared
to women.

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