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Cancer during Pregnancy

Cancer during Pregnancy


Uncommon but NOT rare situation when a pregnant woman develops Breast Cancer.
Unfortunately, they present late if ignored and got false assurance by own doctor as normal changes of pregnancy.
For this reason, we urge any pregnant lady who develops a breast lump to seek the advice of a Breast Specialist Surgeon.
No Mammography or exposure to radiation during pregnancy please.
If assessment proved cancer, management will depend on stage of pregnancy (trimester).
Management dilemmas are: need of Chemotherapy and need of Radiation therapy, with all the hazards to the unborn foetus.
The first 3 months carry the risk from exposure to medicines.
All through pregnancy, there is a risk from exposure to Radiation.

 First 3 months: Mastectomy is the treatment of choice, to avoid exposure of foetus to Chemotherapy or Radiation. To be followed after first 3 months
with Chemotherapy.

 Months 4 – 6: Breast Conservation is a possibility if tumor is not too big or enormous, otherwise Mastectomy.
To be followed by Chemotherapy immediately.
To be followed by Radiation therapy after delivery.
 Months7 – 9: All options are there. Consider early delivery.

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