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Family History

Family History

Less than 10% of newly diagnosed Breast Cancer cases have family history of Breast or Ovarian Cancer.
I have family history of Breast Cancer, how worried should I be?
We look at three factors:
1. Degree of relation.
2. Age of relative at initial diagnosis.
3. Number of relatives affected.

1- Degree of relation: First degree or Second.

– First degree: Mother, Sister or Daughter. IMPORTANT
– Second degree: Grandmother or Aunties or even more distant.

2- Age of the relative at initial presentation:
– Under the age of 40 IMPORTANT
– Over the age of 40

3- Number of relatives: 1 – 2 or 3 relatives.

Basically, a combination of the above factors marked in RED would
determine your risks.
If two of the above risks combine, that put you at an increased risk.

High risk:
– One first degree relative with Breast or Ovarian Cancer under the age of
– A first degree relative with bilateral Breast Cancer at any age.
– Two first degree relatives at any age.
– A first degree relative at any age and a young second degree relative.
– Three second degree relatives at any age.
Intermediate risk:

– One first degree relative over 40
– Two young second degree relatives.

Low risk:

– First degree relative over50
– Second degree relatives.

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