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Mistakes that must be avoided

Mistakes that must be avoided

Potentially serious mistakes, which are unfortunately still being practiced by many Surgeons that have to be abandoned / avoided:
 Subjecting patients to surgery while not yet fully diagnosed by prior x-ray and full histological assessment of a core needle biopsy.
 Surgery before full Histological Assessment deprives you of your right of
Optimal treatment.
 Surgery for a Malignant Tumor without a prior full assessment. I consider this a crime.
 Do not accept the false belief that a needle biopsy causes spread.
 It has been proven beyond doubt that in many cases, recurrence and cure is achieved much readily if started with Medical treatment rather than
Surgery first. You will not know this without a needle biopsy.
 Ladies, please refuse the unacceptable saying by many Surgeons
–unfortunately- that surgery has to be performed tomorrow. This is
 Full assessment first and proper management plan, yields a much better cure rate than rushing into a treatment plan that is sub-optimal.
 Ask: What is the management plan?
Why is it the best?
What are the other options?
What possible complications could occur?
 A well informed patient sails through the treatment with the least possible complications, best results and no distress.

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