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Onco-plastic Breast Surgery

Onco-plastic Breast Surgery


Onco-plastic Breast surgery has emerged as an integral part of Breast Cancer management over the last 20 years.
It combines eradicating the cancer from the involved Breast while observing the cosmetic outlook, with the least possible deformity, if any.
It allowed us Surgeons, to be very aggressive in dealing with tumors locally while preserving the final look and in many cases, even the Breast looks better than before the surgery.
It enables surgeons to remove tumours with much bigger margins, hence better local control.
We utilize many techniques that have well been established by Plastic Surgeons over the years to excise and reshape the Breast.
Breast Lift –Mastopexy have well been used to excise widely, the tumor and lifting the Breast.
Reduction techniques have also been used in large breasts.
Often it involves adjustment of the opposite Breast for symmetry.
We will discuss options with every patient.

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