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Risk Factors

Risk Factors

What are the risk factors?
1- Getting older is the main risk factor, besides being women.
2- First degree relatives who had Breast or Ovarian Cancer at a young age.
3- Exposure of the chest to radiation before the age of 35.
4- Early puberty and late menopause.
5-Some forms of recurrent breast diseases . 

6- Jews race (Ashkinazies).

The afore mentioned factors are unavoidable but, the avoidable factors are:

1- Delaying first pregnancy.
2- Non breast feeding.
3- Alcohol intake.
4- Overweight/Obesity, sedentary life style.
5- Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT.

If any of the above mentioned applies to you, just need to discuss this with your doctor who will explain your risks and advises regarding check up.

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