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Self Examination

Self Examination

All Women should know what is normal for her so, she could detect the abnormal should it happen.
You should examine your breasts once a month at a time and position that suit you.
A suitable time is the week following a period , following a shower or at least same time of the month or whenever there are unusual complaint.
Examination should be with the flat part of the fingers NOT the tips.
Consider the breast a large circle with the nipple being the center and examine in a circular fashion, making sure not to miss any spot.
Gentle pressure around the nipple and notice if there is any discharge.
Never squeeze the nipple

If you notice any of the following, that lasts over a week please
consult a specialist:
– A lump however small as long as it is new.
– A change in the shape or colour of the nipple.
– A change in the shape or colour of the breast.
– A change in the size of the breast.
– Any skin dimple / puckering.

– Ladies, remember, early diagnosis means much better chance of complete
cure if proved to be malignant.
– Ladies, remember, early diagnosis means less painful treatment options.

– If a tumor is diagnosed on x-ray, before it is palpable, the complete cure
rate is over 94%.
– If the tumor is diagnosed when less than 1cm, the cure rate is over 85%.
– Mammography can diagnose 85% of tumors hence, a specialist examination
is really necessary .
– If Mammogram is normal and you have symptoms, examination by a
specialist is, almost, mandatory.

Ladies, the majority of patients get cured but you have to act.
If you believe in God, you have to follow reason.
GET CURED (with God`s well).

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