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Types of Breast Surgery

Types of Breast Surgery


The general rule is:
 Excision of the tumor + Radiation therapy = Mastectomy
 Sentinel node biopsy (node sample) or complete excision of the lymph

1- Excision of the tumor only (Lumpectomy).
2- Excision of the tumor and lymph node sample or complete nodes excision.
3- Mastectomy only.
4- Mastectomy and lymph node sample or complete nodes excision.
5- Mastectomy and immediate Breast Reconstruction.
6- Delayed Breast reconstruction.

Non-invasive Breast cancer (DCIS): do not, usually, warrant Lymph nodes assessment.
Invasive Breast Cancer: warrants assessment of the lymph nodes.
The general rule is to preserve the breast except certain situations:
– Large tumor size in relation to the breast size.
– Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
– Recurrent Breast Cancer.
– ? Patients younger than 30, rather have Mastectomy.
– Patients wish

The rule in dealing with the Lymph nodes is: Sentinel node biopsy
(assessment of the first node only) with radiotherapy to, or excision of
the rest of the node if it proves to be positive.
Few cases warrant full excision of the lymph nodes from outset.
Immediate Breast Reconstruction should be offered to most patients,
few exceptions cannot be offered immediate reconstruction.

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